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Sometime tuesday morning showcases music you can embrace, yet at the same time makes you reach out to fully grasp it. This music is honest and cagey at the same time; straight forward, yet vigorously sidestepping any kind of labeling. To do this CD justice, it needs to be in at least four bins at the record store. Jazz occasionally comes to mind, but then there's a Latin flavor in some tunes, a hip-hop feel in another. Country, swing, ballads and shuffles all make an appearance.

This CD is a melting pot of musical genres and cultures. Urban hip-hop meet California surfer meet wild west cowboy meet smooth cosmo jazz. No fights break out because guitarist and songwriter Johnny A. weaves these genres beautifully.

The CD features eight originals by Johnny A. and four covers. The interpretations of the covers are so fresh that they, in essence, experience a rebirth and are once again original. "You Don't Love Me", a Willie Cobbs song made famous by the Allman Brothers, now brought into the 21st century with a hip-hop feel. "Walk Don't Run ", an old ventures surf tune, gets a Latin feel while also respecting the songs surfing roots.

These are all instrumentals, yet without words sometime tuesday morning tells stories. Until I listened to "Two Wheel Horse," I never felt how closely related the 19th century cowboy is two to 21st century Harley rider. They drink from the same cultural cup, loving wide open spaces, and the freedom of road and trail. I heard all this in "Two Wheel Horse," and I swear all I was drinking was green tea.

No vocals, yet I never noticed a lack of voice. Instead, I heard many clear, lyrical voices because these musicians are masters, making their instruments speak. Johnny A. is on guitars, bajo sexto, and lap steel.

He's accompanied by electric bassist Ed Spargo & drummer Craig McIntyre. It's no surprise that the CD received rave reviews in national magazines and the Boston Phoenix or that it's on many radio stations' playlists.

Most recently Johnny A.was guitarist for six years for J Geils front man Peter Wolf. He's also shared stages with Hootie and the Blowfish, Aerosmith, the Cars, Bad Company, and Bob Seger. But this CD isn't about those luminaries.

"sometime tuesday morning" is about a man who has the courage to strike out on his own, finding his own musical turf which ranges far and wide. This man is that traveler, and we're damn lucky he shed the sweat to bring us along.

-Barbara Benham

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