Johnny A Driven
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Hittin' The Note

Before he recorded his own debut, Johnny A. spent seven years as the guitarist and musical director for the J.Geil's Band's Peter Wolf. Sometime Tuesday Morning, though, doesn't contain a trace of the experience, and that alone is impressive. You know you're hearing a trailblazer when all twelve carefully constructed instrumentals radiate emotion at every turn. Johnny A. is simply that good. In the company of just a bassist and drummer, he makes his guitar sing in a thousand dialects; a vocalist would be a distraction. On the toe tapping "Oh Yeah," his notes imitate the snapping and stretching of a rubber band. An ingenious reading of Jimmie Webb's "Wichita Lineman" brings to mind dusk at a stretch of desolate tracks. "Lullabye for Nicole" is after-hours jazz that initially soothes, but damn near turns sinister towards the end. He molded Willie Cobbs' "You Don't Love Me" into a bouncing ball of funk with attitude, and created "Up in the Attic" as a platter of Dixie fried chicken pickin'-definitely Dregs inspired. Drawn from a variety of genres and uncommon talent and vision, Sometime Tuesday Morning, has infinite style all it's own.

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